Puddle Pusher

by Belle Linton
(Stowe, VT.)

Iris in the Rain

Iris in the Rain

Hi! I love your website concept!! Walking in the rain always brings back fond memories of when I used to take daily walks with my daughter when she was a toddler.

When she was about 2, it got harder and harder to keep her in the stroller contentedly for my hour long walk… but on rainy days, I could easily bribe her to sit still with the promise that after I was done, I’d let her walk partway back on her own and let her out of the stroller.

She’d be in her rain boots stomping and splashing all the way back. Her laughter was infectious and I think we both learned from each other. I learned to live more carefree and she learned to love the outdoors and exercise.

I’ll treasure those days the rest of my life. Even though she is now 18, to walk outside in the rain takes me back to those moments and her mischievous little face. : )

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